Victory Road

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Starter Pack: bulbasaur19, bulbasaur15, squirtle14, kingdra01, cloyster13, stantler15, +30 stardust Totodile 21: pheromosa12, murkrow04, mawile03, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy Hang-Ten: marill17, poliwag09, blissey19, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy PokeCenter: gothita11, starmie11, espurr07, skiddo18, caterpie07, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 normal candy D I T T O: flygon18, gyarados10, sneasel17, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy Magne Memory: fennekin14, krabby07, omastar10, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy Azumarill's Reflection: stantler16, igglybuff10, doduo19, raticate05, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy Daycare Downtime: houndoom19, muk16, goldeen04, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy, +1 dark candy Minun or Plusle: flygon03, sneasel09, glaceon19, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy Who's That Pokemon: trubbish12, trubbish15, flareon11, seaking13, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy Safari Zone: (September 29): weedle20, igglybuff10 Dragon Dice (1 match): onix09, bayleef19, +5 stardust Pokemon Contest: staryu19, charmander07, ponyta09, + 10 stardust Pokedex Entries: gothita14, tyrogue18, jirachi08, lapras07, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy Eeveelution Master (Fire Stone): lugia09, wooper02, +1 fighting candy Someone's PC: Transferred raticate05 for snivy06 Pick a Pokemon (Gengar): -stantler16 Card Puzzle: salamence13, graveler14, +5 stardust Monster Mash: aerodactyl01, marshtomp05, minccino11, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy Quote em All: xatu10, mankey07, diancie16, clefable20, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy Decipher: popplio08, herdier01, morelull06, cyndaquil09, togepi17, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy Jirachi's Wishes: weezing13, jigglypuff11, cinccino03, meowth07, +10 stardust, +1 fairy candy, +1 dark candy Elite Four (Round 01): corsola11, electrode04, +5 stardust Elite Four (Round 02): raikou05, snivy14, blaziken07, +5 stardust Elite Four (Round 03): torchic16, igglybuff15, igglybuff12, pidgeotto19, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy Elite Four (Round 04): raikou11, pumpkaboo11, charmander13, unown04, lapras18, +10 stardust, +1 bug candy Elite Four (Round 05): venusaur09, unown16, tepig01, machoke07, swablu17, flareon11, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 ice candy, +1 psychic candy Roto Lotto (September): bulbasaur14, cosmog13, vulpix07, squirtle14, charmander20, caterpie18, igglybuff08, zubat10, slowpoke05, slowpoke08